9 Point Prep


In 2016 we decided we needed a clear and consistent way of telling the users of our equipment that it had been thoroughly tested to an agreed and defined standard. With this in mind we came up with the 9 Point Prep.

In its simplest form the 9 Point Prep is a quality assurance process that we use to ensure that equipment is prepped and dispatched consistently, and without fault. This process is used to ensure that equipment faults and break downs are reduced dramatically on site, if not eliminated completely.

So what are the 9 points in our 9 Point Prep? Find out below:

1 - Clean

Step one is to clean, inspect and ensure the item works fully as designed.

2 - Check

Second stage is a full software and firmware check to the latest manufacturers update.

3 - Check

Every time an item is prepped it gets fully PAT tested.

4 - Reset

Now we fully restore the item to a factory default setting.

5 - Test

A full test of every operational part of item now takes place, ensuring 100% performance.

6 - Clean

Give the item a thorough external clean, to maintain excellent condition.

7 - Indicate

The 9 Point Prep tape is applied to indicate and give peace of mind that the item has been fully tested.

8 - Allocate

Using advanced rental software, item information is logged and recorded for future reference.

9 - Label

Apply a tour label with clear information of what’s included in the case, as well as custom information if required.

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